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Url is Incorrect

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Jul 10, 2008 at 4:03 PM
I posted last night (7/9) a post but the URL has 7/10 in it.

Check out: and you can see that i posted at 9:13PM on 7/9.

Why is this?

As a side note I've had problems with posts that get posted via LiveWriter (I can visually verify they are there), and later it is deleted (presumably the next time the app starts).  I'm wondering if this has anything to do with that.

Jul 11, 2008 at 3:03 AM
Ok I don't know for sure, but I have seen this before. You probably have the configuration "Use Unique Title (will include year, month, day in the path. This ensures that two posts with the same titles can be found" option set to true.

I believe this option uses "Coordinated Universal Time" or UTC, which depending on where you are could have a date and time that is the next day for your post.

While it would be nice if this function took into account your date/time zone display choices, I don't think it does.

Since you are interested in using this feature (I am not), I would suggest that you could play with your configuration settings and make some test posts and determine if this is the issue and let us know what you find.

P.S. Nice post, "Unappreciated Open Source"

Jul 11, 2008 at 3:26 AM

Thank you for the me something to go on.

Here's a question, if I turn off that feature (can't remember what precipitated me turning it on) will I break every link that points back to me?  Or will the handler be able to interpret the url and redirect properly (don't believe this would work but it may given the robustness of DasBlog).

Jul 11, 2008 at 3:48 AM
Well I made the switch and I'm happy to report that URL's get rewritten and so old URL's will work.

I will test a little bit and report back.
Jul 13, 2008 at 2:32 AM

I played around a little bit with the posting and trying to get the times to line up.  The problem, as best as I can see it, is that the post (under the option described above) uses UTC, I live in the Central Time Zone and the server where my blog is hosted is somewhere else entirely.  When I try to tweak things I got strange results with time.

I am just going to leave the "date included in title" option off, which seems to give me the desired results.

Thanks for you help,

Jul 13, 2008 at 4:18 PM
Tom is right, the url in the address bar has to be in UTC time. This is because your time (as a user) and the server time (where your server is physically located) can each be different.

For example. My server is in Florida, and I am in California. So I'm on PST and my server is EST. Imagine if in 2 years I move to the east coast and I change hosting companies to a service in Europe or something.

Now the URLs for the permalinks would have to change.

And that would be broken.

So the permalink with dates must be in UTC to maintain the permalink nature of them.