DirectionalRedux IE png issue


Problem 1 is that in \themes\DirectionalRedux\homeTemplate.blogtemplate, there is a <script> tag pointing to /df/themes/directionalredux/pngfix.js - Not a valid path under most installations unless you happened to have stuff configured with a /df directory.
Problem 2 is that if you actually update it to a valid path, it breaks png display in IE7.
More details:
So I have dasBlog 2.2 running on shared hosting through 3Essentials, setup with no issue, added SyntaxHighlighter, full trust, it was all good. I hooked up Windows Live Writer and published a post that included some PNG images. With the pngfix.js correctly pathed so it is executed, images flicker for a second then disappear under IE7. No issue with FF3. Also flicker + disappears using IETab plugin for FF3 which I beleive uses IE6 or earlier rendering engine, not sure. Solution: comment out or delete the script reference to pngfix.js. (Side note: if it indeed does work and fix whatever png transparency issues exist in IE then why wouldn't it be apart of the mainline dasBlog scripts for all themes to take advantage of?)
Also, just for troubleshooting's sake, I updated a post to include a JPEG image and it displays fine in FF3 and IE7 with AND without the pngFix.js so it seems pretty conclusive it is broken.
Closed Jan 21, 2009 at 2:30 AM by tomwatts
Revision 18069 patchs this problem.