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TextBox and settings

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Apr 2, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Hit there,


I've been using dasBlog for some years now but skipped it to try out WordPress. Meanwhile a new release of dasBlog has been shipped and I wanted to try it out. Well - I have two issues with this new edition

1) i cannot change default password. If so I have to download the siteSecurity.config-file and change it from ther, and

2) Both text-boxes TextBoxAdapter and FreeTextBoxAdapter only shows a <p></p> tag. I've tried to install TinyMCEeditorAdapter according to but it also shows the p-tags as mentioned before.


I have no idea. I have been use to use identity impersonate = true as my friend - who is also my host tells me. It has worked before with an older version of dasBlog.

All other settings are saved normally and I can add posts etc... until now its just the textbox-adapters and the password that doesnt seem to work.

Any suggestions?