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Blog URL Not Found Using Windows Live Writer

Topics: Support Request
Apr 13, 2010 at 6:54 AM

My web hosting provider recently migrated my service to some new infrastructure and now I can't get Windows Live Writer to recognize DasBlog when adding an account with the following dialog...

Blog URL Not Found
The server has reported that the following URL could not be found:

Please ensure that you have specified a valid and reachable URL.

I contacted the Windows Live Writer folks and they said...

The RSD link on your home page points to
If you go there you can see the one that Writer is doing what the blog service is telling it to do.

I was running build 2.3.9074.18820 before and after the migration and have done a compare of my server source with the release here from CodePlex and can find nothing that would seem to explain why it has stopped working.

I've sumbitted a support ticket to my hosting provider but I thought I'd check to see if if anyone else has encountered this issue.