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Unable to login unless <root> in the Site.Config set to localhost

Jul 1, 2008 at 10:54 AM
Hi all,

I have found interesting problem. I have installed latest version of the dasBlog (2.1.8102.813) and everything seems to be OK. I have created user in the siteSecurity.config and I have set <root> element in site.config to http://MYCOMPUTER/DasBlog/ where MYCOMPUTER is valid name. This is what happens:

1) Go to the home page of the DasBlog
2) Click Sign In
3) Fill in credentials of the User
4) Click Submit


I am redirected back to Home Page with URI http://lazecky_nb/DasBlog/default.aspx?page=admin as expected. Strange thing is that under Sign In there is no name of the logged-on user. Also I have no options to Edit blog entries or change user specific settings. In general the page looks the same as if accessed by unauthenticated user.

Now, when I change <root> element in the Site.Config like this: http://localhost/DasBlog/ and Login then everything works - I can see "Logged on as XXX" under Sign In and I am able to create new posts and change user settings.

Do I miss something?