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New dasBlog installation wont work.

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Aug 26, 2008 at 8:57 PM
Hi There,

It doesn't appear to be a question you get a lot on this board so please forgive me for asking! (Explaining how to solve your problem!) 

I have just installed the Web Files version of the latest dasBlog site onto my local IIS server running Windows Server 2003 and have the default IIS branch from the cd installed. I also downloaded and installed the latest official release of ASP.NET. I created a virtual directory from the web file zip archive and set up the permissions correctly as noted in the readme and setup and installation guides. The permissions were set up to include read/write/list access to the ASP.NET machine account, the IUSR_ account and the IWAM_ account and at last on some installations you need the NETWORK SERVICE account. I also amended the <root> point in my site.config file to reflect my installation point i.e. So far following every instruction in the readme has lead me to a site which is displaying when i access my default location of the dasblogce page a 'The Page cannot be found' error. So for those of you who experience the error and are new to IIS why dont you check out what microsoft have to say about it. i.e. Use the error outputted from the page that did not display and input it into google. HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found. and see what google brings up. I went to the page enabled exactly what they wanted me to and it looks like for the first time I could see my dasBlog site with the default setup working infront of my eyes.  Here is the link to

Hope it helps.