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Domain Change, Old dasBlog Installation, Can't Post

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Mar 27, 2009 at 10:31 AM
Help!  I installed dasBlog back in 2007 on a website and used it with no problem.  I customized a lot of the code to add a picture album, add a theme, change the default layout, etc.  Then I abandoned the website for a while (the website was for a specific event back in 2007).  In the meantime, I have rebuilt my computer and  no longer have Visual Studio 2005 on it.  Also in the meantime, the domain name for that site changed.  To compound the issue, I have forgotten much of the coding I used to know since I haven't used it in about two years. 

I am trying to revive the site now for another event this year, and had to change the domain name in the web.config file and change all the "content" entries with pictures so they would reflect the new domain name and show the pictures.  That I could figure out, but I'm stumped now.

When I log into the site, I can click on the link to create a post and submit it without an error but it never posts.  I am able to edit a post and have it re-post, however.  I can't even tell which version this was, but I was using it in the spring of 2007 and it was the version before dasBlog was released for .net 2.0.  Does someone know the older versions well enough to point me the right direction?  Where else might the old domain name be stored that it would only complicate the addition of new posts?

Thanks for any help you can give!