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Upgrading to dasBlog 2.3 problems

May 18, 2009 at 9:44 AM


I've been running 1.9 for the last years and decided to upgrade to 2.3 instead. Locally everything works fine and if I create a test subdomain besides the normal subdomain I use it works great. Also being able to post via windows live writer.

At first I only wrote over the files (except content and logs) of the blog subdomain with the files from dasBlog 2.3. I got connection timeouts and such so I decided to delete everything except logs and Content subfolders. Then uploaded again the new 2.3 files.

I got that to work but then, when trying to post something to it with windows live writer it apparently couldn't. I tried updating the profile in live writer but it doesn't recognize it and when I select dasBlog it asks for a file blogger.aspx to post to. dasBlog however doesn't seem to be having that particular file so does anyone know what to put there instead?

In the process of updating that profile in live writer and  trying to "handshake" with my dasBlog something apparently went wrong there. Afterwards my 2.3 installation didn't work anymore for some reason. I tried deleting it again and uploading it again. However after several tries I'm not able to get it to run again. At the moment I uploaded my backup of my 1.9 version again and that works.

So basically I've got 2 problems:

  • what to fill in in windows live writer when upgrading the account settings for blogger.aspx.
  • how to get 2.3 to work when upgrading.

Grz, Kris.

May 22, 2009 at 9:03 AM


I got my blog running by redirecting my normal subdomain to my test subdomain where the code of dasBlog 2.3 resided. That seemed to help out for me. However it seems that the logs don't get created. I checked the security settings and they seem to be ok. Anything else I should look at?

Grz, Kris.