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Changing CSS Files has No Effect

Topics: Support Request
Oct 26, 2009 at 7:28 PM

I am using the "blogxp" theme, DasBlog v 2.3.

I am trying to increase the font size of my hyperlinked blog article title, and changing the "itemTitleStyle" style attribute in the DasBlog.css file is having no effect.

I did tweak the web.config file after making the change to the style (I recall that tweaking the web.config file after making CSS changes was necessary for those changes to be implemented, this used to work in previous versions of DasBlog).

I also changed the "/blog/themes/blogxp/itemTemplate.blogtemplate" file so that the text size is 14px, still to no effect.

Blog =

Hmmm ... I do not know what more I can do?